Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
openit Inc.(the "Company"), the Act on Promotion of Information Communications Network and Information Protection, the Personal Information Protection Act, personal information protection provisions in the relevant laws and regulations that must be compliant with the communication secret Protection Act compliance , has established the personal information statement based on the relevant laws and regulations, we are committed to protecting interests of users.

1. Definition

Definition of terms used in this privacy policy are as follows.
   ① Service: it means the blood pressure diary related various services available to "user" has been running regardless of the terminal(PC, including a variety of wired and wireless devices such as mobile terminals)
   ② Users: it means the person who receives the provision of blood pressure diary service on the basis of this agreement.
   ③ Registration: This refers to the act to complete the service use contract to agree to these Terms.
   ④ Mobile phones: in order to connect to the blood pressure diary service, it means a variety of wired or wireless devices such as smartphones to use.
   ⑤ Blood Pressure Monitor: it means the medical device that can measure the blood pressure information.
   ⑥ Personal Information: By using the service, recording of the obtained information, images, etc., regardless of its form, alone discernible information (the information to specific individuals not be able to recognize a particular individual even refers to a) includes a can be identified easily coupled with other information.
Among the terms used in this agreement, the not defined in this definition, in accordance with the provisions in the relevant laws and regulations and services by assistance, please follow the otherwise common practice.

2. The personal information items and collection method of collecting

(1) Item of personal information to be collected
   ① company collect the necessary items for the service registration and the first minimum of personal information, such as the following in order to provide a service.
     - Name, gender, date of birth, height, Google account, serial number of the terminal
   ② transmission information such as the following in the course of service utilized by blood pressure monitor connection, or it may be collected and is generated via a user input
     - Blood pressure information, weight information, Bluetooth monitor model name, Bluetooth Mac-Address
   ③ information such as the following in service utilization process and business process might be collected are automatically generated.
     - Service usage records
   ④ payment information such as the following may be collected in a paid service when using.
     - When the credit card payment: Card mission, card number, etc.
     - When the mobile phone settlement: Mobile phone number, telecom operators, such as the settlement approval number
     - When the account transfer: Bank name, account number

(2) how to collect personal information
The company at the time of user service use and service registration, to collect personal information in the following ways.
   ① registered in the service page, writing, fax, telephone, consultation bulletin board, e-mail
   ② Collection using generation information collection tool
   ③ measurement in the service, collection via the input page

3. Collection and use of personal information

Company is process personal information for the following purposes. The process personal information is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, when the purpose is changed, will obtaining consent in advance.
   ① service registration and management
     - Confirmation of registration intention of the user, identity / authentication by the service provided for each user, eligibility maintenance / management, various announcement / notification, complaint processing, personal information for the purpose of such record keeping for the dispute adjustment treated you.
   ② service delivery
     - The content provider, providing a specific custom service, shipping of goods, purchase and billing, and process personal information for the purpose of contract performance, such as billing.
   ③ new service development and marketing, the use of the ad
     - Providing a development and customization service of the new service, the advertisement and providing services corresponding to the statistical properties posted, verify the validity of the service, and to provide opportunities for event information and participation, advertisements of information, understanding of access frequency, it can be used for statistics on service use of the user.

4. possession and use period of personal information to be collected

Personal information of the user, when the collection of personal information and the purpose is achieved in principle, and then discarded as soon as possible.
However, if you need to save by the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the company holds the personal information during the period of time that was specified in the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, the company, the stored information is used only for the purposes of its storage, retention period is as follows.
   ① records related to such contract or agreement withdrawal: 5 years (Law on consumer protection in e-commerce)
   ② record for the supply of such price settlement and goods: 5 years (Law on consumer protection in e-commerce)
   ③ record of electronic financial transaction: 5 years (electronic financial transactions method)
   ④ record of consumer complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years (Law on consumer protection in e-commerce)
   ⑤ service connection records: 3 months (communication secret Protection Act)

5. Sharing and the provision of personal information

Company was used within your personal information in the "collection and use of personal information", personal information of the user in advance without the consent to use beyond the scope or principle users and do not provide to any third party.
However, in the following cases and with the exception.
   ① If user has agreed to provide to advance the public or third party
   ② in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, or, investigation, if there is a request of law enforcement agencies and supervisory authorities on the basis of the procedures and methods stipulated in the laws and regulations for the purpose of investigation

6. personal information handling consignment

The company does not have outsourced to other companies personal information without the user's prior consent in principle. However, we are entrusted with personal information, such as the following, personal information at the time of contract based on the relevant laws and regulations will not specify the matters required to be safely managed.
The contents of the personal information entrusted processing agencies and commissioned business of the company is as follows.
Contractors/commissioned business contents/personal information holdings and use period
LG U+/mobile phone payment, credit card payment/when members leave or until the contract termination
(c)NICE Information Service, (c)Seoul Credit Rating & Information, (c)KG Mobilians have a personal information already held from the manufacturer, "compnay" have not saved individually

7. personal information destruction procedures and methods

Personal information of the user, when the collection of personal information and the purpose is achieved in principle, and then discarded as soon as possible.
Personal information destruction procedures and methods of the company is as follows.
(1) discard procedure
   ① After user had been achieved objective information that you entered for such membership registration, it is transferred to another DB (in the case of paper, another document box) by information protection reasons due to internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations (retention and use period reference) and will be destroyed after a certain period of time saved.
   ② unless the personal information is not the case of the law, are not used for other purposes other than those held.
(2) destruction of way
   ① personal information that is output to the paper and then discarded through incineration or ground in a shredder.
   ② personal information stored in the form of an electronic file are deleted by using the technical process which can not be reproduced recorded.

8. users and the legal representative rights and their exercise method

You can query the user and his or her personal information legal representative is that at any time is registered, there are times when it or change, to request the deregistration.
(1) personal information Display / Change / deregistration
   ① It is possible from the "Profile Management" menu of personal information Display / Change / deregistration in the service.
   ② writing to the chief administrator of personal information, contact by phone or e-mail, and Masu measures without delay.
(2) request of corrections to mistakes of personal information
   ① If you wish to correct for the mistake of personal information, it does not use or provide the personal information until you complete the correction.
   ② Also, in the case that provided incorrect personal information to third parties already, so correction is performed the correction result is notified without delay to a third party.
(3) personal information of revoked users
   ① company, the personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the request of the user or legal representative is treated pursuant to the described in the "holding and use time period of the personal information to be collected", viewing or use in other applications the treated have not to be.

9. personal information and matters relating to installation / operation and denial of automatic collection device

The company installed a cookie to find and frequently save the information of the user, you may want to operate. A cookie, but the web server has been saved sent to the web browser, when there is additional demand of server, refers to the information of the character string to be sent to the server. Company, will be able to use the cookies for the following purposes.
(1) the intended use of such cookies
Analysis, etc. members and non-members of the connection frequency and visiting time, tracking of understanding and trace the preferences and interests of users, target marketing through such understanding of number of visits, and personalized service provided was

(2) Deny way the cookie settings
The user has a choice for the cookie installation. Therefore, the user, by setting the Options of Web browser, you can either allow all cookies, you can through the confirmation each time a cookie is saved, you can refuse to save all of the cookies .

At the top of the web browser "Tools - Internet Options - Personal information - in Advanced", you can either accept all the all the cookies, or, you can to send a notification when a cookie is installed, it rejects all cookies you can be. However, if a user rejects the installation of cookies, or there is an inconvenience to the use of the service, you may provide service becomes difficult.

10. For the protection of personal information technology / management measures

The company as we handle your personal information, loss of personal information, theft, leakage, for the sake of safety so that they are not altered or damaged, has taken the technical / management measures such as the following.
(1) measures equipped with such as hacking
   ① company, we've done our best to prevent that the personal information of members are damaged or outflow, such as by hacking and computer viruses.
   ② have any time backup materials in preparation for damage of the personal information, or leak personal information and resources of the user utilizing the latest vaccine programs, and to prevent so as not to damage, such as encrypted communication the via is, it has to be able to securely send personal information over the network.
(2) education and minimize handling staff
   ① employee handling related to the personal information of the company, it is not limited to the person in charge, the person in charge always emphasizes compliance with privacy conducted from time to time education.

11. personal information management officer and consultation / deliver

You will be able to declare all of the personal information related to complaints to protect that folded generated using the company's services to personal information management officer or department.
The company will be quickly enough answer to declaration matters of users.
(1) of personal information management officer
   ① Name: Sinil Na
   ② Department: Customer Support Team
   ③ Telephone: 02-6466-5850
   ④E mail:

(2) report and the consultation agency for personal information infringement
   ① personal information infringement declaration Center ( / 118)
   ② large Public Prosecutor's Office cyber crime team ( / 02-3480-3571)
   ③ National Police Agency cyber terrorism Response Center ( / 182)

12. notice or obligation on the part of

Additional information about prefecture Privacy Policy, delete, when there is a change, "notice" in the service from the amendment at least 7 days, you can notice, such as over a "Notice". However, use of the collection of personal information, such as the provision to a third party, if there is a significant change of the user's rights, I will notify the until at least 15 days before.
① announcement date: March 1, 2023
② effective date: March 1, 2023